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Why have a tax attorney to represent you, rather than an accountant?

Representation by a tax attorney rather than an accountant provides significant advantages including attorney-client privilege. If the IRS decides to bring a criminal tax case against you, the federal accountant client privilege does not apply, even in non-criminal cases. Also, it is not unusual for a client’s accountant to be forced to testify as a witness against his own client.

Statements you make to your tax attorney can not be revealed to the IRS, or anyone else.  Because Federal and California tax law is complex, a skilled tax lawyer is trained to analyze the law to find, by common definition, "loopholes" that can be legally used to save you money. The Federal and California tax codes are extremely long. The number of words in our tax codes exceed more than 3.7 million! In many circumstances, unfortunately, even the IRS doesn’t understand the tax law. In many tax situations, this is where Northern California based tax attorney Perry Popovich can help.

Tax Tips for Tax Preparation

Plan Ahead - "Think of your taxes as a quarterly job," says longtime tax lawyer Perry Popovich of Fresno-Clovis, CA.

First Quarter -July Aug Sept
Make sure all of your records are in order from last tax year and begin a new tax year filing system. Sort out the receipts you have accumulated so far.

Second Quarter - Oct Nov Dec
Think of how much money you have earned throughout the year, include any out standing tax payments.

Third Quarter - Jan Feb March
Start preparing to file your taxes. Get all of your documents ready to go. Separate receipts you will need from ones you won’t need. Keep Your Receipts. Keep forms and receipts organized on file as you will need these documents in case you get audited; these include:

    * Paycheck stubs
    * W-2 Forms/1099 Forms
    * Receipts for any items you can deduct if you plan to itemize
    * Insurance and medical records
    * Charitable records

Fourth Quarter - April
Time to contact Fresno county tax attorney Perry Popovich to set up your appointment. He can review with you your personal income tax statements and help you prepare your business taxes, too, if you own or are involved in a business. If you don't reside in Fresno County, Perry Popovich can still help you with your tax returns via phone, email and snail mail. The Law Office of Perry Popovich serves clients throughout California.
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